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💫extra extra💫

💫extra extra💫 was a live streamed sight specific performance. Viewers gathered in a room covered with paper mache floor tiles and watched a YouTube live stream on a television outfitted with a paper mache covering. Viewers were able to leave comments and ask questions as I demonstrated my paper mache technique on various areas of my torso, neck, face, and hair. In terms of both process and output, paper mache is very physical. Each strip of paper is adhered by hand, and it has a specific texture that's never quite perfectly smooth. Most Americans have paper mached at some point in their lives, usually as children, so this process and texture are familiar. The internet feels like the opposite of this. The user space of the internet is almost entirely lacking in physicality, and, while we may be adept at navigating this space, the technology behind it is an enigma.


Online, we are inundated with more information than our brains can compute. Whereas a newspaper has a beginning and an end, the internet has an endless scroll of content that we jump into and out of. By live streaming from one ill-defined location into a separate, very specific location, viewers are intentionally grouped together in material space, while I am isolated in a non-space. They are given little scraps of information, cut up and repeated and placed by hand. These antiquated little scraps cover the floor and and electronics and, over time, they cover the performer on screen. 


💫 extra extra💫 Installation Photos

💫 extra extra💫 May 26, 2022 Live Stream Recording

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